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Huntsville Independent (AL)
Huntsville Independent (AL)
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Description: Personal; Meeting of Farmers' Central Club;
Monte Sano Hotel; Married - Smith & Sloss;
Died - Patteson; Power of Magnetic Healing

Date: October 21 1886

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 3

================ Page 3, Column 3 =================
Miss Lucy Wheeler, of Wheeler, was at the Fair, Friday.

Mrs. Lizzie Hays, of Memphis, is a guest of Mrs. John Patton.

Mrs. P. M. Dox is in New York, called thither by the illness of Mr. Robert Bolling.

Miss Josie Rhett, of Charleston, S. C., is visiting her father, Col. R. B. Rhett.

Mrs. Ina Miller (nee Malone) of Tullahoma, Tenn., is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Mary Tardy.

Capt. R. F. Kolb of Eufaula came to our Fair, in the interest of the State Fair, at Montgomery.

Col. Robert E. Coxe and wife and Miss Louisa Coxe have returned from a sojourn in North Carolina and East Tennessee.

The first issue of the Tuscumbia Dispatch is to __ us and it is a highly creditable journal. Messrs. T. F> and O. G. Simpson, editors and proprietors. It is Democratic to the core.

Mr. James H. Mastin, Jr., who has been living in Texas with his brother, Mr. Thos. F. Mastin, is among his many Huntsville friends, once more. He still thinks our section is the finest in the world.

Mr. Frank A. Adams, so very pleasantly remembered by our people as an accomplished and accommodating druggist, came down for a day of recreation from Chattanooga, to enjoy our Fair.

Maj. J. B. Stevens, President of the National Bank of Huntsville, spent several days here and at Sheffield and Russellville last week. Like other far seeing and enterprising men of means, to catch on to our boom.—North Alabamian.

Mr. Asa Rountree, the well-known press correspondent of Hartselle attended our Fair. He is a candidate for Assistant Secretary of the Senate. If elected, and we hope he will be, he would make a most efficient officer.

Mrs. John Reed, famous all over the country, north, south, east and west, as the gracious and hospitable hostess of the Reed House, Chattanooga, spent two days at the Fair, during which she was a guest of the McGee Hotel.

Col. J. E. McGowan, Editor of the Chattanooga Times came down with his two daughters and got a very slight glimpse of our Fair, Friday. They came on the delayed train. They came on the delayed train of Friday and naturally felt indignant at the outrageous delay.

Mrs. G__. Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Houston, Misses Ella and Emma Houston, Miss Hattie Pryor, Miss Rowe Sanders, Miss Ella Logwood, Miss Mary Peebles, Hon. W. E. Vasser, Hon. R. A. McClellan, all of Limestone, were among those who honored our Fair with their presence.

Among our charming visitors who have gone home, to the great loss of the social world of Huntsville, are the Misses Stratton, who were visiting Mrs. Lentz; Miss Kate Saunders who was visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Harris; Miss Bessie Nichol, visiting at the residence of Dr. L. C. Pyncheon.
Called Meeting of Farmers’ Central Club
The members of the Farmers Central Club are requested to meet on next Saturday, Oct. 23d at 11 o’clock, in the Court House in Huntsville. There will be very important business before the Club. I hope all will attend that can possibly do so.
Oct. 19th 1886
The Completion to be Pushed Forward, at Once.
Mr. C. B. Spillman has been put in charge of the work at Monte Sano Hotel and the work will be pressed to an early completion. The spacious and elegant hotel building; will be complete in every appointment, by January 1, 1887.
The grounds are being put in order for ornamental growth and sundry beautifying touches.
SMITH—SLOSS—At the Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Wednesday evening October 20, 1886, Mr. Fariss Smith, of Chattanooga, Tenn., and Miss Annie, daughter of Major Joseph H. Sloss, of this city, were united in marriage. Mr. Smith is a native of Huntsville and has many warm friends here. He is now very successfully engaged in business in Chattanooga. The bride is one of Huntsville’s most admired daughters. Hearty congratulations are given to them, by their hosts of friends.
PATTESON—Miss Susie W. beloved daughter of Mr. Benjamin Patteson, of Huntsville, of typhoid fever, October 15, 1886, aged nineteen years. She was a most lovable character, and her untimely death is a crushing blow to relatives and friends.
HOLT—Near Huntsville, October 14, 1886, after a lingering illness, Mr. H. W. Holt breathed his last. He was a most worthy citizen and an honored member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
To Whomsoever It May Concern
The Power of Magnetic Healing.
To those who may be afflicted, the undersigned makes the following statement.
My wife has been afflicted with rheumatism and other female weakness for the last five or six years, unable to walk. During the Fair at Athens a circular of Dr. Deming, the great magnetic healer now in Huntsville was handed me. I went home and at once brought my wife to Athens, who took the treatment from Dr. Deming. She felt perfectly better and was greatly relieved. On Tuesday I brought her to Huntsville and she was given a second treatment by Dr. Deming and, this morning, she is able to walk, and carry two thirds the weight of her body on her feet, which she has not been able to do in years. She will continue the treatment, and I simply make this statement of facts that others similarly afflicted may try Dr. Deming’s treatment.
Wednesday Oct. 20th 1886 Huntsville, Ala.

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