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New Site Design & FAQ's
New Site Design & FAQ's
Contributed by Barbara

Description: Understanding the new layout of this site.

Beginning February 2005, Newspaper Abstracts is undergoing major changes to the way this site is maintained. Many new features will be available to site visitors and members once the upgrade is completed.

Q: Why the changes (upgrade) to the site?

A: While the last upgrade was only a little over one year ago, the site has seen tremendous growth and has outgrown the capabilities of the script that was maintaining the site. This resulted in difficulties for visitors in browsing the site and caused many "server too busy" errors. The new script is able to handle the needs of the site much more efficiently.

Q: How do I navigate the site?

A: If you are starting from the "Home" page, simply click on the country of choice, followed by the state and/or county. If starting from any other page, follow the links in the upper left corner.

Q: I see a "Register" link. Do I need to register to access the news articles?

A: No. Everyone has equal access to view the news articles on this site. For more about registration click here.

Q: I would like to submit a news article. How do I do that?

A: The best way to submit a news article is to go to the main county page for the location your news article is from. Then click on the "Submit Article" link on the top left menubar. For more about submitting articles click here.

Q: I have a question not listed here. How do I contact you?

A: If you have registered with the site, you can click on the comment link on the right and ask your question there. You can also send me a private message or email by clicking on the "By Barbara" link above.

Submitted: 01/14/07

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