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"Happy the man who thinks of his ancestors with pride, who likes to tell of their deeds and greatness, and rejoices to feel himself linked to their goodly chain."
- Goethe
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Newspaper Abstracts your resource for family history research using newspapers.  Our site continues to grow with over 1,100 new pages added each month and currently contains 174768 pages of abstracts and extracts from historical newspapers. These articles range in size from a single entry to an entire newspaper issue, all provided by site visitors like you and made available to everyone free of charge.  See "Submit an Article or Link" to learn how to contribute your news items.

Newspapers began regular publication in the United States in 1704 and to transcribe all of the newspapers published since that time would be an impossible task.  Therefore, we have provided you with many other resources on our site in the form of links to aid you in your research.  These links are to sites relevant to newspapers and may include transcribed news items, scanned newspapers, listings of newspapers, microfilmed newspapers, publications, etc.  Since the linked websites are not under our control, their content and fees, if any, may vary.  The database of news items on our site (NewspaperAbstracts.com) submitted by site users is and always will be free of charge.

Newspapers have played an important role through the years by not only bringing us local happenings in the community, but also news from across the country and around the world. The Boston News-Letter which began publication in Boston, Massachusetts on April 24, 1704 was the first newspaper with a continuous run in the United States.

Over the years many records regarding our ancestors were lost or destroyed in fires, floods, and other natural disasters. Newspapers contain much information that may not be found elsewhere such as births, marriages, deaths, court notices, land sales, tax notices, businesses, etc. They also hold many glimpses of information in their community news and provide us with fascinating details about the lives of our ancestors. We may find their name in a list of letters at the post office, as a member of a local organization, or even performing in a musical at a local church. We can learn a great deal from reading about our past and in turn we shall have a greater understanding and appreciation for the hardships and triumphs our ancestors endured while building a life in a new land.

Many newspapers managed to survive the test of time and can now be found at most state libraries on microfilm and most are available through interlibrary loan for viewing at your local library. There are well over 100 million pages of newspapers preserved on microfilm in the United States alone. For more information contact the newspaper microfilm department for the state you are interested in or your local library.

This site is comprised of newspaper abstracts and extracts. All items within this site have been submitted by individuals like you who are interested in helping others in the search for their ancestors.

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